What is "royalty-free"?

"ROYALTY-FREE" is an easy way to license music. This method means that after you have bought a license, you do not need to pay money. You paid once and you can use music for as long as you like. This type of license is so popular. You can purchase such licenses on special trading floors, such as "Audiojungle" and "Pond5". Terms and prices may vary by site. Most often, the "Royalty-Free" license applies only to one video. For example, if you want to use music in 2 different videos, then you need to buy 2 licenses.

I want to use your music in my video production. What do i need to do?

If you wish, you can purchase a license on one of the stock sites, for example, Audiojungle or Pond5. Please note that for some music tracks, buying licenses through stock markets are currently not available. You can purchase a license individually. To do this, write to me at the email address: agrebenshchikov.sound@gmail.com or graal.musicbox@gmail.com You can also use my music for free, but without the ability to monetize your videos. If you use music for free, then you need to specify the author of the music and a link to my channel. You can use the following entry, just copy and paste into the description of your video: Author: Artem Grebenshchikov (Argsound) Link: www.argsound.com I also invite you to become my patron. You can choose the level of support for my work on the patreon website. As a thank you, you will get access to my library of music tracks without copyright. This is much more profitable than paying for a priority license or paying royalties. On this site you can find information about it here: http://bit.ly/Patr15In

If I want to make a donation, how can I do it.

Support me on Patreon. Become my patron and get more music for free using. More information about patreon on this site: http://bit.ly/Patr15In In gratitude for the support, I open access to all my music without copyright.

How can I credit you in my video?

Just Copy and Paste: Music Info: "title of track" Author: Artem Grebenshchikov (Argsound) https://www.argsound.com

Can i use your music for free?

You can use my music for free for videos, but without possibility of monetization on Youtube, Facebook or Instagram.

I got a claim on my YouTube video. What should I do?

If you receive a copyright notice then you need not worry. If you want to monetize your video on YouTube: If you use music available for licensing, then you need to purchase a license. If you purchased a license, then you need to show it on YouTube. If you don’t want to monetize your video on YouTube: You do not need to take any action. Your video is in good condition, no restrictions are imposed on it, except for monetization (you cannot monetize your video). Your video will not be deleted.

How do I remove the copyright claims of my YouTube video?

If you want to remove the claim, then you need to buy a license. If Royalty-free licensing is available for this track, then click on the link to purchase a license. Then you need to show the license on YouTube. You can also ask me to remove the claim. (Not available for all tracks.)