I want to use your music in my video production. What do i need to do?

On my site you can find 3 types of music that I distribute. 1. "No Copyright" music. This is music for which you will not receive a copyright claim. However, this does not mean that this is completely free music. This does not mean that this music does not have an author. It's very convenient to use non-copyrighted music as you won't get a strike or a copyright claim. You will be able to monetize your videos and you will not have problems or demands from YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. To use my "No copyright" music, you need to become my patron through the Patreon crowdfunding platform. Starting from February 1, 2021, I will publish on Patreon music that is registered in the Content ID system. For my patrons, I am removing the copyright claim on YouTube. 2. Premium music. This is music that you can use for free for non-commercial projects, without the ability to monetize your video on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. If you want to monetize your video or use music in commercial projects, then you need to purchase a license.You can buy a license via Fiverr: https://bit.ly/Fiv_Lic 3. Creative Commons Music. This is free music that you do not need to purchase a license to use. You can use music for any purpose. You only need to indicate the author of the music in the credits or description in your project.

If I want to make a donation, how can I do it.

Support me on Patreon. Become my patron and get more music for free using. More information about patreon on this site: http://bit.ly/Patr15In In gratitude for the support, I open access to all my music without copyright.

How can I credit you in my video?

Just Copy and Paste: Music Info: "title of track" Author: Artem Grebenshchikov (Argsound) https://www.argsound.com

I got a claim on my YouTube video. What should I do?

If you receive a copyright notice then you need not worry. If you want to monetize your video on YouTube: If you use music available for licensing, then you need to purchase a license. If you purchased a license, then you need to show it on YouTube. Starting February 1, 2021, for some of the tracks that are distributed through Patreon, I will be removing the copyright claim. You need to be my patron for this. If you don’t want to monetize your video on YouTube: You do not need to take any action. Your video is in good condition, no restrictions are imposed on it, except for monetization (you cannot monetize your video). Your video will not be deleted.

How do I remove the copyright claims of my YouTube video?

If you want to remove the claim, then you need to buy a license. Then you need to show the license on YouTube.